Inclusion: Cultures, policies and practices in the initial teacher education of Physical Education, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

  • Michele Pereira de Souza da Fonseca CCS-Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, RJ


This research aimed at investigating the initial education of teachers-to-be at the course of Physical Education, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with respect to inclusion in education, taking as reference for analysis and discussion a conceptual structure about Inclusion, understood in terms of three inter related dimensions: the creation of cultures, the development of policies and orchestration of inclusive practices, based on the theoretical perspective of Booth & Ainscow (2002) and Santos (2003a). To achieve this goal, we were guided by three specific objectives: (1) to investigate the conceptions of teachers-to-be and teachers of Physical Education Institution about Inclusion in Education, and consider the possible implications of these conceptions on their initial education ( 2) to examine the syllabus of the disciplines, noting if and how the inclusion, as defined, is treated during the initial teacher education (3) to examine the initial teacher education with reference to the parameters of cultures, policies and practices of inclusion in education, as requires the conceptual structure of inclusion adopted here. The research made use of the following techniques and instruments for data collection: documentary analysis, for which we used the syllabus of the thirty-seven compulsory disciplines of the course; focus group, on which analysis we used the transcripts of meetings with teachers to-be; and interviews with teachers of the course, which were duly transcribed. We used the Content Analysis technique (Bardin, 1977) to process the data, which were also triangulated. The results showed that, in terms of inclusion in education, the initial teacher education of Physical Education future teachers at UFRJ is oriented mostly to the orchestration of practices of inclusion, with the emphasis on body building and physical techniques, and little concern about a reflexive practice. The research also shows that teachers and teachers to-be recognize the lack of involvement of people living in institutions, but also point to a desire for greater involvement from both sides. To consider these people who build and reconstruct every day the history of this institution in order to respect and value them, appears to be an important step to be taken.

Author Biography

Michele Pereira de Souza da Fonseca, CCS-Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Mestre em Educação - UFRJ. Licenciada plena em Educação Física - UFRJ. Pesquisadora do LaPEADE - Laboratório de Pesquisa, Estudos e Apoio à Participação e à Diversidade em Educação - UFRJ e Professora substituta na Escola de Educação Física e Desportos - UFRJ, disciplina Educação Física Adaptada. Tem experiência na área de Educação Física escolar, formação docente, currículo/culturas, processos de inclusão/exclusão. Currículo Lattes: