Racism, prejudice and exclusion: from a Physical Education view

  • Irene Conceição Andrade Rangel LETPEF-Departamento de Educação Física - UNESP Rio Claro


In general Brazilian education is going through new concepts of it’s targets, contents and learning methods. In this context Physical Education as an educational component is questioning terms as inclusion and the attention for diversities and differences previously little discussed. In the same way we’ve started to pay more attention to the multiculturalism and the presence of attitudes that can lead to ways of prejudice, discrimination and exclusion in Physical Education classes. Therefore, the target of this intervention is to alert teachers, and teachers-to-be about attitudes (or the lack of them), conscious or unconscious towards racism, which in Brazil is diffused and covered up, but that fortunately has been fought in search of a more equal society against the differences.