The sport Burnout Syndrome

  • Daniel Alvarez Pires Universidade São Judas Tadeu (USJT)
  • Maria Regina Ferreira Brandão Universidade São Judas Tadeu (USJT)
  • Afonso Antônio Machado Departamento de Educação Física UNESP Rio Claro SP


The burnout syndrome, considered a reaction to chronic stress, was discovered in the “human services” professions, like doctors, nurses and lawyers, being later expanded to the sport environment professionals. The purpose of this study was to revise contents related to the syndrome from the burnout’s representative theoretical models in the sportive environment. Historic aspects, psychometrically instruments of evaluation and burnout manifestations in athletic directors, officials, coaches and athletes were analyzed. It was concluded that independently the way individual involves himself professionally with the sport, there is a latent risk of the syndrome’s manifestation.
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