Exercise and metabolic syndrome

  • Clécia Soares de Alencar Mota Departamento de Educação Física – IB UNESP Rio Claro SP
  • Maria Alice Rostom de Mello Departamento de Educação Física – IB UNESP Rio Claro SP


The metabolic syndrome is a disorder that results from the increasing prevalence of obesity. There are many controversial points in the metabolic syndrome characterization, since it does not exist an international agreement on the definitive metabolic syndrome concept. The increase of type 2 diabetes incidence and cardiovascular diseases are high risk conditions and demand therapeutic attention. The fundamental therapeutic approach is weight reduction associated to increase physical activity. Because of the limitations in the studies with human beings, it becomes necessary the development of experimental models which offer adequate conditions to study this syndrome. In this review, we will describe the main metabolic syndrome symptoms, the beneficial effects of physical activities on their onset as well as experimental models to study this question.
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