Creation of a leisure’s, recreation and service’s business

  • Bráulio Rodrigues de Almeida Junior FINTEC - Faculdades Interlagos - São Paulo SP
  • Nívea Gláucia Rodrigues Educação Física UNISANT’ANNA - São Paulo SP


The Group of Studies in leisure and recreation from UNISANT’ANNA, organized in 2004 for students of the Physical Education Course, develops actually a project with the objective of know and experimentation the questions involved on the creation of a company in the area of leisure and recreation, developing working competencies. The trade wants people with professionalism, knowledge and competency. The experience of create a company in this area is fundamental to the student’s knowledge, at the same time that gives more contacts with de build of studies and reflection necessaries to support these kinds of activities, avoiding the practice separated of critical analysis e the production of knowledge.
Experiential Report