The systematization of contents in physical education at school: the perspective of experienced teachers

  • Luís Fernando Rocha Rosário Departamento de Educação Física -UNESP Rio Claro SP
  • Suraya Cristina Darido Departamento de Educação Física -UNESP Rio Claro SP


The physical education teachers have been restricting their work to the traditional sports, that are superficially transmitted and usually spread without any systematization. The objective of this study was to investigate how experienced teachers systematize the Physical Education contents in their lectures from the fifth to eighth grades, using a qualitative research. The information was acquired through the bibliographic review and semi structured interview oriented by a series of questions with six experienced physical education teachers. The teachers systematize their contents during the year with a collective sport as a main content, and others contents disposed parallel during the year, in this case, the games and the others sports, but there are no changes in the school cycle. The main judgment is the difficulty of contents from the point of view on the procedure, what is more difficult to be executed usually is left to the end of the year. We understand that to teach such contents or practice in different grades requires that teachers make use of different treatments, as in terms of the knowledge as in methodological terms.
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