Leisure and human interaction in virtual environment

  • Gisele Maria Schwartz LEL - Depto de Educação Física UNESP Rio Claro SP
  • Jossett Campagna LEL - Depto de Educação Física UNESP Rio Claro SP


Human interaction motivates reflections in a number of areas of knowledge. Human adaptation in virtual environment becomes singular due to the specificities of this ethos, with almost uncontrollable variables (unrestricted contents, expressive and attitudinal manifestations), pretermitted by axiological conceptions, ethics and intervening politics in culture, represent interesting challenges. This qualitative study investigated perceptions related to human interaction in virtual environment, in the viewpoint of users. An open questionnaire was applied to a random sample composed of thirty users, of both sexes, from eighteen to fifty years old, with a diversified schooling and socioeconomic profile. The descriptive analysis of data – Content Analysis Technique – indicates that when interacting in virtual world, a person can behave differently; obtaining varied information and promoting relationships, because it creates opportunities for personal satisfaction and expectations. The understanding of the virtual environment needs new reflections making human behaviors explicit.
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